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Donations for the

Less Fortunate

Based in Beltsville, MD, Bright Light is dedicated to help the underprivileged children and women.

Your Support Matters

2029318117When you choose to share your blessings to the less fortunate, you bring smiles to thousands of faces. No donation is ever too little as we improve people’s lives. Through our programs at Bright Light in Beltsville, MD, you impart a sense of love, compassion, and belongingness to underprivileged children and women.

We couldn’t do what we do without God’s continued faithfulness and the generosity of people like you. You bring smiles to thousands of disadvantaged people through your donation. No donation is ever too little as collectively one life will be improved, loved, and is shown compassion and belongingness.

God works His miracles through your generous gifts. This way, you take the good news of His love for us. Thank you for your faithful partnership.

To make a donation please do a direct transfer into the account or do a cashapp to the listed phone number

We have also opened an account where you can send your donations:

Account Title: Bright Light Outreach Ministry

Routing: # 055003201

Acct: # 7737973813

Bank: Wells Fargo

Phone number: (202) 931 8117



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