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A Ministry for the Underprivileged

Based in Beltsville, MD, Bright
Light is dedicated to help the underprivileged children and women.

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Supporting Children and Women

Who We Are

Bright Light in Beltsville, MD is a Christian ministry dedicated to providing spiritual, moral, and physical support to orphans, widows, and others suffering from poverty.

Evangelist Tammy Goodman, a Liberian immigrant in the United States of America, founded our ministry. She was called by the Lord Jesus Christ to serve as a vessel He could use to reach the underprivileged and disadvantaged Africans.

In March 2013, having yield to the Lord’s calling, the ministry was established in Beltsville, Maryland. Evang. Tammy is a licensed practical nurse and has one son. In building her capacity to fulfill her calling, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Studies in May 2017 from the Lancaster Bible College in Maryland.

The ministry aims to provide hope for the disadvantaged groups who stand in need of spiritual, economic, social, and physical uplifting. Our overall goal is that each underprivileged person we reach becomes a responsible and fulfilled personality. children, women, and the elderly.

Our Integrity

Our ministry is a movement, a calling, a cause, and a community. It is a reflection of the beautiful diversity of God's kingdom. We are collaborative, depending on teamwork and partnership, as well as inclusive and accepting of others.

Bright Light takes pride in our honesty; we say what we mean and do what we say. We respect and protect the divine character in everyone, striving to always be grace-filled, kind, forgiving, and merciful.

God's love fuels us to unabashedly love one another. We are against injustice and devoted to our cause. Despite facing hard realities, we take them head on with an adventuresome spirit, totally focused on our mission and in our pursuit.

Our creative spirit drives innovative solutions to the challenges and opportunities before us. We have faith in God and in His promises. He empowers us to be confident in the face of evil raging around us. We remain hopeful and lift one another's spirits as we go about our mission of providing Christ’s love to the hopeless.

Our Vision

Bright Light’s vision is to reach out to the underprivileged children and widows, as well as the physically challenged with Christ’s love. We attend to their physical, social, and spiritual needs to help them realize their potential and dignity.

Where We Work

Our ministry is based in the United States but is presently operating in Liberia, West Africa. As the Lord provides, we aim to serve disadvantaged children across the globe.

Governance Structure

Bright Light has a five-member board of directors, which is the highest decision-making body that formulates policies and oversees the organization. It is headed by the executive director, who is assisted by hardworking and dedicated team members. These include the finance, program, and mission directors and the psychosocial support assistant.

Financial System

The ministry is committed to transparency and accountability. All funds donated by our sponsors and other philanthropists are used transparently and accounted for through standardized and acceptable accounting procedures.

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